From Paris with love

To kick off my very first post on my very first blog, I thought I’d write about my recent expedition to Paris.

It’s a word that conjures up pictures of frogs legs, fashion and food in our mind. Although I can very much agree with these stereotypical things (apart from the frog legs – no thank you) that is connected with this city, they certainly do not do it justice. Everywhere you turn, architectural gems are there to be found, discovered and explored.

If you are planning on visiting Paris sometime in the future, one thing that you can absolutely not forget to do is to take a river cruise boat trip down the Seine. It’s the first thing we did when arriving in Paris and I would happily do it again repeatedly as there is so much to see from the water. Although you can appreciate the sheer beauty of the buildings lining the Seine when stood peering up at them, seeing them in all their glory stood next to each other on such a grand scale from the river is on another level.


Whilst in Paris, the weather was so unusually warm for April (30°c!) which was a blessing and a curse. Being gifted with almost translucent skin which is unwilling to cooperate with the sun and rebels by means of prickly heat, shade was my saviour whilst there. Seeing Parisians wafting fans around, drenched in sweat clawed some of my dignity back as even the locals were struggling too. But hot weather meant regular compulsory ice-cream stops to cool us down, which I’m definitely not going to complain about.

My favourite part of my time in Paris would have to be after spending the best part of a day wandering the streets and soaking up the atmosphere, was finding a place to just relax and sunbathe (well, shadow-bathe for me) in the Jardin des Tuileries. It’s such an unexpected, beautiful gem that is sandwiched in between the Place de la Concorde & The Louvre and we spent the best part of two hours eating apricot ice-cream, people watching, taking polaroids and shadow-bathing. Bliss.


A ‘must see’ when visiting Paris is King Louis’ old haunt – The Palace of Versailles. So that’s exactly where we went.
The town that now surrounds the chateau is most definitely worth a wander around if you have time with it’s high end shops and tree lined, picturesque streets. I think we picked the worst day to visit ever in the history of time as it was just above 30°c and when inside, the building acts as a sauna and retains heat. so with thousands of visitors all sweaty and in close proximity it wasn’t for the best experience. However, when seeing the intricately painted ceilings, it was definitely worth it. 11150637_10202707930218286_5613522894702668336_n

To end our Parisian adventure on a high note, we managed to see the Eiffel tower in all its glory with all it’s 20,000 lights twinkling in the night sky – undoubtedly a moment that I will never forget.
So if you’re even contemplating on visiting this amazing city, don’t think twice, just go.
Paris will without a doubt welcome you with open arms (and hopefully a macaron in each hand).

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