Blogger Beauty Box | November Unboxing

Until this month, I was a beauty/skincare box virgin and had yet to bite the bullet like everyone else on the planet. I was sceptical as to what would be inside as the money you pay is an absolute gamble. I first heard about Blogger Beauty Box from Reallyree, one of my favourite beauty bloggers, and thought I’d give it a go. So here’s what was inside!



Burt’s Bees Lip gloss worth £8.99

I’m not a fan of lipgloss so when I picked this out of the box, I won’t lie, I was disappointed. However, this product after using it a few times is the best formulation of lip gloss I have ever tried. It’s not to sticky (hello strands of hair sticking to your lips) and as it is pretty sheer, layering it on top of lipstick for that extra shine gives an amazing result.


BlanX White shock + LED worth £7.50
I’ve been eyeing up teeth whitening products for awhile as my teeth are yellower than I would like them to be (or maybe it’s all just in my head), so was thrilled to see this in my box. And with an LED light? Fancy! I have been using this for the past three/four days and I have seen a difference already. Although it’s not earth shatteringly shades whiter yet, they seem slightly whiter and it’s left my teeth and mouth feeling fresher for longer too than my previous toothpaste – bonus!


Bionsen Roll – on Deodorant worth £2.35

I normally use Triple Dry Spray Deodorant because my underarms need industrial strength protection (TMI, I know) The smell of the Bionsen Deodorant reminds me of freshly washed cotton sheets and is great for doing errands or round the house days but I still need my Triple Dry for full days at work.

Stvdio5 Natural Soap worth approx £3.00
This soap smells amazing. It’s like liquorice meets chocolate. There’s not much I can say about soap, but what I will say is this stuff is so creamy and leaves you smelling like you’ve just stepped out of Lush. What’s not to like?
Nadebella Night Replenishing Cream sample worth £3.90
And last but certainly not least is the Nadeballa Night Replenishing Cream. The full size pot retails for £39 (!) so I was eager to try it. I put it on after taking my makeup off and let it soak in overnight. It makes my face feel moisturised when I wake up and doesn’t break me out. Not sure if I could be swayed to pay £39 for a pot of cream though. Well, not unless a curly haired hunky man was thrown in for good measure but hey that’s just me.

The approx box worth of the box is £25.74! That’s a minimum saving of £15.74 and the box itself cost £10 (including P&P), definitely something not to be sniffed at.

The range of products that I received were not what I was expecting, however I’m happy with them and have put them all to good use!

Have you tried any of these products? Are you subscribed to any monthly beauty boxes? Which do you recommend?

Ciao for now



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