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T K Maxx is a store in which you either come out with absolutely nothing or bags full of bargains that were just too good to miss (that’s what I tell myself anyways). I’d heard on the blogger grapevine that people had recently picked up some beauty gems so I thought I’d try my local store. To say I spent best part of an hour rummaging through the beauty section is nothing short of an understatement.

They had pieces from Nars, Bare Minerals, Bella Pierre, Stila, The Balm, Elisabeth Arden, Smashbox – you name it, they had it. I chucked things in my basket to look through and decide later and eventually wittled it down 5 items. It’s easy to go overboard and buy beauty items when they’re half price or less but you sometimes have to take a step back and think ‘will this colour suit me/will I actually use it’ (although all my senses were screaming BYE EVERYTHING).

Bare Minerals Big & Bright Eyeliner in Espresso – £4.99 (RRP 13.00)
I’m attempting to go out of my comfort zone and dip my toes into the world of pencil eyeliner. I wanted to try something a little different than the usual black and thought this would fit the bill exactly. When I swatched this on the back of my hand, it went straight in my basket as it’s not a matte and has a subtle shimmer running through it for that extra pizzazz. I also love the fact that it’s a twister upper as having to sharpen pencil is one of my pet peeves AND it has an added smudger on the other ended for that smoky eye, bonus!
Stila Color Balm Lipstick in Ruby – £3.99 (RRP 16.00)
I’m known for wearing a red lip as I think it really brightens your whole complexion so I thought this would be great for those days that you want a pop of colour on your lips but without the maintenance of a clean cut lip. It’s lovely and moisturising but surprisingly pigmented. And for £3.99, I couldn’t skip to the till quick enough.

1610482_origNars Single Eyeshadow in Grenadines – £9.99 (RRP £18.00)

The Nars packaging is unmistakable so when I spotted this out of the corner of my eye, I subtly leaned over a woman trying not to alert her of the bargain she was missing right in front of her. I was excited to try different products by Nars as I was so impressed with their recent colab with Glossybox, and obviously as you probably well know, eyeshadows are definitely my forte. I’ve discovered that berry shades really compliment my eyes (who knew?!) and have been using Maybelline’s Pomegranate Punk non stop so I thought this would make a great crease/transition colour.


Yes To Tomatoes Acne Clearing Facial Toner – £7.99 (RRP £14.95)

I’d never used a toner before but with having Acne prone skin, I’m willing to try anything. I’ve completely rejigged my skincare routine and my skin is a million times better and I think this is a large contributer to it. Although it’s specifically for acne, I don’t find it harsh on the skin at all. If you have spots trying to rear their ugly head, putting some on a cotton pad and placing it on the area for a few minutes helps to dry them up so much quicker than leaving them to their own devices.

Dr Bronner ‘s 18 – IN -1 Hemp Rose Pure-Castille Soap – £6.99 (RRP £8.99)
I’d heard and read raving reviews about Dr Bronner’s Liquid Soap and have never seen it instore before anywhere so it would have been rude not to pick it up. The smell is heavenly, it reminds me of jelly sweets and of course roses. Although I use this in the shower as a body wash, it has so many other uses too if you so wish – it evens says you can wash the dog with it (if I had a dog, I would definitely want it to smell of jelly sweets).

Crunching the numbers, this little lot should have cost me £70.94 if they were full price however I paid a measly £33.95. Savings of £36.99 is definitely nothing to be sniffed at. If you haven’t had a trip to TK’s in awhile, I suggest you have a trip down and see if there’s any beauty bargains to be had. There might just be something with your name written all over it.

Have you picked up any T K Maxx bargains recently?

Let me know in the comments below!

Ciao for now



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