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The lovely people at W7, a brand I’ve dabbled with a few times over the years, were kind enough to send me some of their products to review. I’ve been ill these last few days so an unexpected package full of makeup is the perfect medicine (I’m sure doctors would disagree but hey what do they know).
The first thing I picked out of the box was the ‘The Queen of Brows Majestic Brow Mascara’ in Brown. I’m currently scraping the very, very last remnants out of my beloved Maybelline Brow Drama Mascara, so it’s like they knew! The colour match is spot on as although my brows are so dark brown they’re almost black, I never like to use black brow products because I think it’s too harsh for my face and complexion (being the same shade of snow and all that). I’ve only used this once however I was so impressed with it, it may have picked my Brow Drama to the post. The brush is amazingly small and precise in fact it reminds me a lot of Benefit’s Gimme Brow but without the huge price tag. Another thing that sold me on this was the non – crispness of it. Nobody likes crispy brows. Some brow gels/mascaras tend to set the hairs very stiff, but with this you feel like you’ve got nothing on.
Next is their ‘Prime and Glow Illuminating Primer’. I never used to be a fan of primers but ever since I used Makeup Forever’s Step 1 Skin Equaliser, I’ve never looked back. As somebody with oily/combination skin, I have enough of my own natural glow going on without added glowiness, so I was sceptical. I used my fingers to put it on my face and it left my skin feeling smooth but unfortunately my pores were still showing their ugly selves. If you have dry skin then I definitely recommend this as my foundation went on an absolute dream afterwards and give me a subtle shine, but for you those oily ones out there, I’d try something a bit more mattifying.
I’ve really been a bit blusher mad recently because my winter skin looks a bit sad and dull so it needs a bit more of a helping hand so I was so happy to find W7’s ‘Cheeky Chaps Multi Blush’ in Hot Gossip in my surprise package. I’m a huge fan of blushes with multiple shades like Revlon ‘s Highlighting Palette in Rose Gold & Soap and Glory ‘s ‘Love at First Blush’ was dying to try this out. This blush should come with a sticker along the lines of WARNING: GLITTERY. Don’t get me wrong, I love a bit of glitter, who doesn’t? But when you’re still finding it on your face 2 days after you’ve used it, that’s when it get’s a bit tedious. If you love sparkle, this is a must have for your makeup collection. But if not, stay well clear.
And last but not least, is their ‘Lashtastic False Liquid Lashes Mascara’ in Blackest Black. The brush on this mascara is great as it really helps to get into the roots of your eyelashes and it really lives up to it’s name – this stuff is seriously black. I hate mascara ‘s that claim to be black but then turn out to be a bit wishy washy. It lengthens the lashes beautifully and layers well unlike some others that clump together within 2 seconds. The longevity of the mascara is average, no flecks to be seen on the cheek but black marks appeared under the eye at the 5/6 hour mark (although I am probably to blame for this because I rub my eyes throughout the day way to much).
If I were to pick a favourite product, it would undoubtedly have to be ‘The Queen of Brows Brow Mascara’. I was so impressed with this and with such a small price tag, I will be definitely picking this up again.

Have you tried anything from W7? What shall I try next?

Ciao for now


* These were sent to me by the company for product consideration with no obligation to review or advertise them. I was not paid to review the product and all thoughts and views on the products themselves are my own.


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