Bulletproof Undereyes Feat. Bobbi Brown Corrector in Porcelain Bisque

I’ve been plagued with dark circles since I can remember. And if you’re a sufferer like me, there is a very fine line between wanting to cover up them up, and having major cake face with inevitable creasing. There’s no doubt about it, concealer is a wonder product however sometimes it doesn’t quite cut the mustard. That’s when I went on a hunt for a corrector. I used Pixi’s Correction Concentrate a couple of years back but it had a tendency to slip and slide and crease so I eventually gave up on it. I’ve recently discovered Urban Decay’s Naked Concealer and it is hands down the best concealer I have EVER used (review coming soon!), however there’s still some pesky dark shadows above my eye leading to my brow.

As you may well know I’m the same colour as snow, so the highly suggested orange concealers to counteract the dark circles show up on my skin like a beacon and the colour can still be seen even with concealer over the top. That’s when I came across Bobbi Brown’s corrector in Porcelain Bisque – perfect for us fair skin girls. Now the trick with this is to warm it up between your fingers first then apply it sparingly where needed, preferably not in the exact point that your under eyes tend to crease. Blend/stipple it in with your finger then go over with a beauty sponge to make sure it’s not going anywhere. Next use your favourite concealer (Naked Concealer for the win!) and blend that out again with your sponge. For the ultimate bulletproof undereye, I then bake whilst doing my brows with Vichy’s Setting Powder for approx. 5 minutes (if you’re not limited for time, the longer you bake your undereyes the better).




Bulletproof Undereyes.

Have you tried Bobbi Brown’s Corrector? Do you have any tips for us dark circle sufferers?

Let me know in the comments below, I’d love to hear your thoughts!

Ciao for now



5 thoughts on “Bulletproof Undereyes Feat. Bobbi Brown Corrector in Porcelain Bisque

  1. […] Urban Decay Naked Concealer in Fair/Neautral + Bobbi Brown Corrector in Porcelain Bisque A review of the wonder product that is Urban Decay’s Naked Concealer will be going up in a few days so I won’t waffle on about it too much now but just know, it’s good. Like, life changing kind-a good. But you haven’t read my review on Bobbi Brown’s Corrector and my current undereye routine, click here. […]


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