Stila Got Inked Cushion Eye Liner | Review

Trust me, you don’t want to miss this.

It was the unique, albeit quirky, concept of this eyeliner that originally intrigued me to look into the ‘Stila Got Inked Cushion Eye Liner’ further. NYC cosmetics have vanished into thin air from all of my local Superdrugs and I have used nothing but their liquid liner for the best part of 2015, so reluctantly I was on the look out for a new one that fit my long list of criteria. Let’s face it, a good eyeliner is hard to find. To find an eyeliner that is truly black, doesn’t dry up within a week, doesn’t give the infamous ‘panda eye’, easy(ish) to use and doesn’t flake off is like finding a needle in a haystack. However, let your search end here because boy, this stuff is incredible  – and trust me I don’t use that word lightly.

First, lets talk about the packaging and application. The small glass pot from the outside looks like nothing special but when opened up, it reveals a sponge-like cushion soaked in the liner formula. Although it’s very similiar to a liquid liner consistency it dries very quickly so no need to worry about waiting for it to dry. Stila have also released the ‘La Quill Precision Eye Liner Brush‘ (sold separately) to accompany this eyeliner. It dips into the sponge like a calligraphy pen and applies the liner like a dream. I’ve worn eyeliner for going on 5 years now and never have I ever come across one so easy to use. Whether you’re tightlining or sway towards a classic feline flick like me, this duo makes it so easy you wonder how you ever managed before.Pre -Cushion Liner I sometimes had the problem of my flicks just not being quite even so I had to add a bit to one side, then the other and the next thing you know it’s Cleopatra staring back at you in the mirror. Well, those days are over.

Now onto the formula itself. Like I said earlier not only does it dry quickly, but it dries matte and it’s so unbelievably pigmented you’d think it maybe was actually ink. The staying power is incredible, it stays on all day (and I mean all day) and doesn’t look any different on the night to when you applied it in the morning. However having said that, it’s not hard or stubborn to take off unlike some others I’ve tried in the past.

The ‘Stila Got Inked Cushion Eye Liner‘ comes in 6 different shades – Amethyst Ink, Black Obsidian Ink, Blue Sapphire Ink, Copper Ink, Garnet Ink and Smoky Quartz Ink.

The shade I purchased is Black Obsidian Ink and after being so impressed with it, I cannot wait to get my hands on Copper Ink and Smoky Quartz too.

Feast your eyes on the swatches below:



For £20 a pot I agree, it’s not the cheapest eyeliner around. But to me, a bulletproof do-it-all eyeliner is absolutely priceless so if you are on the search for one, I seriously recommend you trying this out. Seriously.

Have you tried Stila’s Got Inked Cushion Eye Liner yet? What do you think of it?

Let me know in the comments below!

Ciao for now


P.s. I have bought this product myself, my opinions are my own and this post is in no way endorsed by the company.

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