A Mini MAC Haul


We’ve all been there. You’re stood in front of the lipstick bonanza at MAC with swatches reaching your elbows thinking,  ‘Do I really need another lipstick?’

Yes, yes you do.

I’d gone in with two items on my list and came out with three, my willpower didn’t even give up a fight – it happens to the best of us.

Now, the lipstick in question that managed to sway me was Viva Glam III. I’d not really heard a lot about this shade and was pleasantly surprised when I swatched it on the back of my hand at it’s unusual colour. As you may well know, I’m a big fan of a red lip and I wanted to try something different to the usual, so this plummy brown lipstick was a nice change for me. Although the formula is matte, it’s still quite creamy and moisturising compared to other matte MAC lipsticks I own (Velvet Teddy, Persistence & Diva).

I’d heard such good things about MAC’s Prep + Prime Fix + and being a huge eyeshadow lover myself, I wanted in on the action. This bottle of magic is not only a setting spray but works wonders when sprayed onto your brush when working with pressed and loose pigment eyeshadows. Besides making your shadows’ vibrancy pop, and I mean pop, it also helps the eyeshadow stick to your eyelid and melt seamlessly into one another. Although I knew this stuff was good, I didn’t realise how good. It has revolutionised my eyeshadow game and I now can’t remember what life was like without it.

Last on my list was MAC’s Prep + Prime 24-Hour Extend Eye Base (what a mouthful!). It’s hard to believe that this is MAC’s first ever eyelid primer and only came out last year, taking into consideration that it sells one of the largest selections of eyeshadows in the market. But better late than never though, right? I’ll throw my hands up and admit I’ve never really had many dealings with eyeshadow primers as I usually use cream eyeshadows or NYX’s Jumbo Eyeshadow in Milk as a base, so I was curious as to how much of a difference it made to application and longevity. I have extremely oily lids so was sceptical as to how it would perform, but I must say after only a few uses I’m completely won over. It really does keep eyeshadows looking fresh all day long and although it has a thick silconey type consistency, it melts into the lid, shadow application just glides over the top and is an absolute dream to work with.

Have you made any MAC purchases recently? Any suggestions?

Thanks for reading and don’t forget to comment below!

Ciao for now,




2 thoughts on “A Mini MAC Haul

  1. […] I’ve had my eye on the Naked Palettes for quite some time so when my sister came across a £10 off code for FeelUnique, it would have been rude not to take full advantage of it (that’s what I told myself anyways). After much deliberation and Googling the ever important swatches, I decided on Naked 2. I won’t go into too much detail as I’m planning on doing a post about it but I’m surprised that it really is as good as they say. In conjunction with this, I’ve been using a killer combo of MAC’s Prep + Prime 24-Hour Extend Eye Base which helps the shadow apply like a dream come true, and MAC’s Fix Plus to really make the shimmery shades pop. Both of which I picked up in my Mini Mac Haul earlier in the month which you can read here. […]


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