Nars Cruella Velvet Matte Lip Pencil VS Maybelline Red Essential Color Drama Lipstick Pencil


It’s safe to say that Nars Cruella is a cult favourite.

But I’ve heard rumours in the blogosphere that Maybelline’s Color Drama Lipstick Pencil in Red Essential is a dupe & is threatening Cruella’s throne. So me being me, needed to investigate this for myself (call me Sherlock).

So… is it a dupe or a dud?

Let the beauty battle commence.

Aesthetically, there’s no denying they’re similar although I do think Nars has the edge in this category. It’s Nars packaging, it does something to me.
Nars 1 – 0 Maybelline

Next let’s talk about price. Maybelline’s offering is a measly Β£4.99 which I’m more than happy to hand over and is probably on the cheaper end of high street lipsticks. However, Nars‘ Pencils are an eye watering Β£20 – 4 times the price! Sorry Nars.
Nars 1 – 1 Maybelline

In terms of how much product you get from each pencil, Maybelline’s 2 grams is picked at the post by Nars‘ 2.4 grams which is equivalent to 16.7% more than it’s cheaper equivalent (I should think so to!)
Nars 2 – 1 Maybelline

Longevity is one of the main things that every lipstick lover looks for first. I find Maybelline’s offering to be creamier, more satin-like, so tends to slip around – especially when eating. Nars’ Cruella is a true matte formula which contributes to it’s longwearing application with minimal touch ups.
Nars 3 – 1 Maybelline


As far as colour and pigmentation goes, they come in at a draw. If you’re looking for a colour dupe, you’ve found it.
Nars 4 – 2 Maybelline

As you’ve probably guessed by the score, Nars‘ offering is my favourite. If you’re looking for a colour dupe then by all means save yourself Β£15! But for me when it comes down to longevity and finish, I have to give it to Nars.

Have you tried either of these Lipstick Pencils? Which one is your favourite?

I’d love to hear what you think!

Read my full review of Maybelline’s Color Drama Lipstick Pencils here.

Ciao for now,



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