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Other than makeup, another thing that I tend to gravitate towards is stationery. Notebooks, planners, calendars, diaries – once I clamp my eyes on some sexy stationery, it’s inevitably going to go home with me. I’m a list making, song writing, mindless doodling kind of person so stationery is a must in my life, especially when it’s pleasing to the eye.

I’ve picked up some lovely bits and pieces recently so I thought what better way to show you all, than to do a haul?


T K Maxx is one of the best places to not only pick up something mind bogglingly cheap, but something that is just that little bit different you can’t find anywhere else. Serendipity is one of my favourite words which means to find something good without looking for it, so it was love at first sight once I first saw this notebook. The other gem I picked in TK’s was this unusual postcard-like, handpainted notebook that I thought would not only make for a good photo prop, but to display in my bedroom to inject some colour too.

If you’ve seen my Sass & Belle Haul, you’ll already be acquainted with this beauty of a notebook. I love the fun, bright and appealing design which also helps me to find it as I seem to lose pretty much everything – bonus!


So this year rather than a traditional calendar, I thought I’d go for calendar cards that can be displayed and changed with every month that passes. They’re not extremely popular in the UK unlike the US, so it was quite hard to find some that I liked that I didn’t have to import over. Although these were more expensive than I’d bargained for, I’m so glad I took the plunge as they now stand proudly on a shelf for all visitors to see & admire. Oh, and the gold calligraphy is to die for.

If you haven’t heard of Ohh Deer, where have you been? They sell quirky illustrated gifts, clothing, stationery & everything in between. What I also love about this brand is that they support freelance, amateur & professional artists and encourage you submit your art – you never know, it may turn into a notebook! I have two of their dreamy notebooks myself one adorned with a very huggable looking bear (it so reminds me of the one off the Muller Rice Advert) and a geometrical pastel delight that is so simple yet so effective.


A couple of weeks back, I was on the hunt for a planner type notebook that I could keep all blog related things in to keep me organised (or at least attempt to). After much searching, I stumbled across The Journal Shop. Now for some reason, I hate mustard but love the colour, so when I saw this beauty ladened with French writing, I was instantly sold. Apparently Un Recuil D’essais means ‘a collection of essays’, everything always sounds better in French. I also bought these double ended pens that are great for writing notes & doodles and to hopefully help colour code my new planner.

Are you a stationery addict like me? Where’s your favourite place to pick up stationery?

Ciao for now,



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