Where To Buy Colourpop In The UK #thisisnotadrill

You know when you meet the one and you just know? From the moment you laid eyes on each other, you knew it was love?

Let me introduce you to the new love in my life, Colourpop. More specifically, their eyeshadows.


I’m a lover of both powder and cream eyeshadows and embrace and experiment with them everyday (everyday I wear makeup that is). They are without a doubt my favourite makeup item to buy and of course, apply. I’d heard raving, dancing on the ceiling, type reviews about the famous Colourpop Eyeshadows for awhile now. But they don’t ship to the UK so, although they were on my mind, I’d reluctantly dismissed them because I couldn’t get my hands on them without using a courier service and having to pay customs fees on top of that. Way too much a hassle in my opinion. But fear not UK’ers, I have found someone who ships them over and sells them here.

Yes, you did just hear me right.

If you’ve read my March Favourites, you will already know that last month I discovered Depop (basically where all your hard earned money goes to die because some things are so cheap it’d be just rude not to). Through Depop I discovered a lovely lady called India who imports all things Colourpop from the US. Her official website is now up and running (find it here) but you can also find her on Depop (username @indiagolding). Eyeshadows are £9 each however she may give you a discount if you buy more than one and mention my name. An absolute steal for the quality and you don’t have to worry about hidden charges with customs, etc.


To say this is the best eyeshadow formula I have ever tried is a slight understatement. It’s hard to describe as it’s a cross between a mousse and a cream, but because of this the longevity and pigmentation is absolutely insane (see for yourself in the swatches). I love the fact you can use them in conjunction with powders or creams, on their own, or even to just add a bit of sparkle to finish off a look. I’m not one to be speechless (as you probably already know) but I really can’t praise these enough.

Have you tried any of Colourpop’s Products? What should I pick up next?

Ciao for now,



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