50 Things That Make Me Happy | Tag


I’ve seen a few bloggers that I follow do this tag and I decided to take the plunge and complete it myself. Today many of us are weighed down with so many problems that it can threaten to overwhelm us and we start to forget the things that make us happy. I thought this would be a great way to remind myself of all the things that make me happy!

1. Beautifully designed, well thought out packaging
2. A tidy, organised bedroom (but that doesn’t really happen that often)
3. Payday (obviously)
4. An empty washing basket (again, doesn’t happen very often)
5. Shopping
6. Fresh, crisp bedsheets
7. Adventures
8. Receiving post (thank you Mr Postman!)
9. Lazy days, were you don’t have to be anywhere or do anything
10. Ice cream
11. Taking (and editing) photos
12. Polite, friendly strangers (sadly they’re few and far between these days)
13. A good hair day
14.Meeting new people and instantly getting on with them
15. Discovering a new band/song that makes your insides do a little dance
16. Popcorn (more specifically toffee flavoured)
17. Getting a bargain (who doesn’t?)
18. A good makeup day
19. Buying people gifts
20. Reminiscing
21. Learning a new skill
22. Naps (my bed is my best friend)
23. Sunsets/Sunrises
24. Filmathons
25. Playing my guitar
26. Cooking something new and it turning out right (1 in a million chance but I can hope right?!)
27. Learning a new song on a musical instrument
28. When you’re reading a good book and all you can think about is that
29. Playing my piano
30. Gigs
31. The changing of seasons (autumn is my favourite)
32. Yorkshire Tea
33. Vintage Jumpers
34. Singing (especially in the shower)
35. Waking up early and realising you have hours to sleep
36. Finding money in your pocket that you forgot about
37. Laughing so much, you can’t breathe
38. Countryside excursions
39. Freshly painted nails
40. A good end result after stepping out of your comfort zone
41. Even numbers (weird I know)
42. My Family
43. Listening to music
44. Blogging (obviously)
45. Chai Lattes
46. Burning candles (especially delicious smelling ones)
47. Getting positive feedback on a blog post
48. Buying new makeup that I’ve wanted to get my hands on forever
49. Taming my brows
50. Feeling completely comfortable around your friends and not having to worry about them judging you for who you are

And there we have it, ‘50 Things That Make Me Happy‘. I nominate everyone reading this to do the tag. At first I thought it would be difficult to name 50 things that make me happy, but I realised in fact that I have way more than 50 things to be happy for. The list is endless and just keeps on getting longer.

Ciao for now,



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