My Top Three Eyeshadow Palettes for Blue Eyes

We seem to be amidst a huge colour correcting trend at the moment with brands releasing new products in this category left, right and centre. If you’re an avid make-up lover like myself, you will probably already know about basic colour theory in regards to counteracting dark circles, redness etc. But what a lot of people don’t realise is that with the Colour Wheel you can also differentiate which eyeshadow shades will best compliment your eye colour and make them appear more vibrant (aka pop).

As I have blue eyes, you can see on the Colour Wheel below that opposite blue is orange/red, which translates into shadow shades of peach, apricot, bronze & burgundy.


It’s no secret, I love (am slightly obsessed with) eyeshadow palettes. But one of the main things that puts me off buying one is when it contains numerous shades that I just know that I won’t use because it doesn’t compliment eye colour. So I thought what better way to help my fellow blue eyed friends out there than to write a post to hopefully point you in the right direction with my Top Three Eyeshadow Palettes for Blue Eyes.


Charlotte Tilbury’s The Dolce Vita Luxury Eyeshadow Palette (£38)
Although this is certainly a luxurious purchase, you know with Charlotte’s products you’re going to get the best quality. They’re without a doubt the creamiest most pigmented eyeshadows formulas I have ever used. This is great for a blue-eyed eyeshadow amateur as the shades are colour coded in four easy steps: prime, enhance, smoke & pop. The quad contains 5.2g of product which works out at £9.50 each, so it’s still cheaper than a single MAC eyeshadow, bonus. The stand out shades in this palette are hands down the Enhance Shade, a warm reddish cognac brown, and the Pop shade, a pigmented coppery bronze glitter that looks even more intensely  stunning with a spritz of MAC Fix +.

Tartelette in Bloom Palette (£32)
This palette is without a doubt one of my most prized makeup possessions. The petal inspired packaging is out of this world and just screams Spring. This is another great palette for a beginner as the shades are arranged so four across match up to create a look or three down creates a look too. I was never a matte eyeshadow lover until I was introduced to this beauty. This palette has some perfect socket and crease colours that pretty much do all the work for you as they are so incredibly blendable and easy to work with. The two shadows I reach for the most for the crease are Sweetheart, an orange toned peach and Rebel, a beautiful red chestnut brown. At just over £2.60 per eyeshadow, this palette is an absolute steal.


Zoeva Cocoa Blend Palette (£18)
Zoeva has burst onto the scene this last year or so and captured all of our hearts with their impressive products and even more surprisingly reasonable prices. It’s hard to believe that this contains 10 eyeshadows, weighing 1.5 grams each, making them £1.80 each. Yes, you did just hear me right. The eyeshadows are extremely pigmented, blend like an absolute dream and the longevity of them surprise me every time I wear them. This palette certainly lives up to it’s ‘Cocoa’ name with a perfect mixture of warm-toned chocolate eyeshadow shades, with matte, satin and shimmer finishes. Substitute For Love is the perfect orange toned transition shade for blue-eyed gals & Freshly Toasted looks delicious in the crease to give an eye look more depth.

Do you own any of these eyeshadow palettes? What other palettes are great for blue eyes?

Ciao for now,



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