Jouer Long-Wear Lip Creme Liquid Lipstick in Noisette | Review


Looking back through my old posts, I realised I am yet to dedicate a whole review solely to just one lipstick.

Until now.

I have dabbled with many lipstick formulas, colours and finishes over the last 5 years or so I’ve been wearing it so I’ve tried my share of the good, the bad and the down right awful. Jouer is not a brand you really hear much of over here in the UK as it is only available on Cult Beauty (as far as I am aware). However one of my favourite Youtubers Allana Davison (she’s absolutely hilarious, I would just LOVE to be BFF’S with her) featured the shade Noisette a month or so back claiming it to be her new favourite lipstick so obviously I just had to try it. As it was only released in March and went out of stock in a blink of an eye, I only managed to get my hands on it a week or so ago. But within that time we’ve become extremely well acquainted and I’m ready to give you my final thoughts.

All the shade names in this range were all inspired by French macaron cookies, such as Petale de Rose, Praline and Cassis. Considering this is a new launch, the range of shades already has an impressive 16 matte and metallic colours to suit all skin tones and preferences across the board. I purchased Noisette, a beautiful matte brown with a peach undertone – the perfect colour to replicate the 90’s look that is gracing everyone’s lips at the moment.


The packaging although square-like, is easy to hold and great to travel with as I have found that some liquid lipsticks can come in overly bulky and excessive packaging. As this is the first thing I own from Jouer, I was unaware of their interlocking packaging and think it’s an absolutely amazing idea to slot and click together your favourites to create your very own portable makeup palette personalised to you. Genius!

The formula somehow manages to have a whipped-like texture to it but be the most extremely lightweight liquid lipstick I have ever tried. It glides so easily onto the lips and it’s a dream to apply as it doesn’t dry down straight away so you can correct mistakes without feeling like you’re going against the clock. When it does dry down, it is completely transfer proof and doesn’t dry the lips at all. So much so, you forget you have anything on.


In terms of longevity, I really can’t rave about this enough. With most liquid lipsticks the more you put on, the thicker, crumblier and more uncomfortable it gets. I can get through an 8/9 hour day with this on with one touch up and even then it’s after I have eaten and it’s faded ever so slightly on the inner parts of my lips.

If this long rave review still hasn’t completely convinced you that you need this in your life.

It smells like cake.

Have you tried the new Jouer Long-Wear Lip Creme Liquid Lipsticks? What shade shall I pick up next?

Ciao for now,



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